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Apps & Forms Engine

Access new business and policy holder services forms organized by carrier, state of issuance and product type.

Apply Online

Streamlined application options to save you valuable time. Select from iGo, drop-ticket, fully underwritten, simplified and accelerated underwriting platforms.

Case Status Live

24/7 secure and confidential online access to your case data. View pending case data, licensing, contracting and commission data and display the full book of submitted and placed business.


Everything you need to know about the contracting process including: basic contracting requirements, how to get contracted, and downloadable contracting kit for new and existing CPS producers.

Online Quoting

Quote all of your favorite insurance products with a click of the mouse using Vital Suite and WinFlex Web online quoting solutions. In seconds receive a response from top carriers.


The expertise of our staff of underwriters, our established relationships with many of the industry’s top impaired risk carriers, and our substantial production levels assure you the best offer.

Core Lines of Business


We are on top of the industry, supplying not only a comprehensive, diverse portfolio of annuities but also the best in market support services.

Disability Income

We offer a wide range of disability income products, and we understand the complexities of this specialized segment.


We have a passion for sound long-term financial planning. We continuously research and evaluate the best products the industry provides. We help you offer your clients options to suit their needs.

Long Term Care

We constantly analyze trends in the industry to provide you and your clients with the most innovative and complete services available.

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to love as many people as possible every day, while providing opportunities, protection and peace of mind to our families, colleagues and communities.

The Advantage Of CPS

Industry leading experience, a proven turn-key system, shared best practices and comprehensive practice-building resources.
Core Values

Recognized as a leader in our industry, we believe in giving back to our communities. Above all, we value our reputation for integrity, developing solid partnerships and commitment to excellent service.

The Pillars of Our Success
Since 1974, we have continued to grow organically as an organization, while successfully retaining our core values.

We all share a common cause to partner with one another to present the best possible solutions for our clients. We openly share ideas and collectively seek out creative and innovative ways to better serve our clients. We foster collaboration while upholding individual accountability. We recognize one another’s accomplishments and make an effort to create an efficient, friendly and fun work environment.

Creativity is the driving force that continues to move CPS forward. To remain competitive, we must continue to use innovative thinking and take risks. We thrive in this environment by constantly bringing fresh perspectives, reinventing business processes and creating innovative strategies and meaningful solutions.

We never forget that our clients have a choice as to where they can do business. Therefore, we are committed to offering best-in-class service and are dedicated to optimizing tried-and-true standards and processes. We collectively share accountability for gaining our clients’ loyalty and trust. No matter what our role within the company, the goal is to be the best that we can possibly be. Evolution should be constant through our efforts to always search for a better way to do our work.

We develop trust by upholding the highest ethical standards and practices. We emphasize our commitment to act with integrity and honesty in all interactions with our clients, fellow team members and our communities. We treat others as we wish to be treated – no excuses.

We never forget that we have the ability to make a significant difference in the lives of others. We ensure that our passion and pride is demonstrated in everything that we do and every product and service that we represent.


  • The CPS DI Team has been a great resource for my business. They consistently support my needs for information, diverse quotes, and timely service to address my clients. My disability insurance portion of my business has grown dramatically through their support. 

    Dan Morris, High Point Financial Group, LLC
  • I have had the good fortune to have worked for over 25 years with teams at CPS for both life and Long-Term Care products.  The support has been absolutely wonderful. Just like the old bank promo “Daytime, Nighttime, Saturdays too, we open our doors” the good people at CPS go above and beyond in providing attentive, professional and comprehensive assistance. Even on weekends. How many GA’s out there give a broker the home and cell phone numbers of team members?  Not many I’ll bet. And one more thing: the mantra at CPS must be “Service with a smile” because even though I can’t see them, I can hear it. I’ve been approached numerous times to switch to another GA. It simply ain’t happening.

    Joseph Sperling, J.D., Insurance Broker
  • The reason that I LOVE CPS: They provide the service that our clients pay for and deserve - I cannot thank them enough!!!

    Charlene Hunt
  • The sales team is on top of their game and on point, knowing their products inside and out and where each of their core carriers strengths are in the market. The case management team is top notch and on top of their cases. CPS would be a great upline to anyone in the insurance industry as they are fully staffed and knowledgeable in everything from A-Z in the insurance world.

    Ryan Strick
  •  As an agency owner, I can tell you that being able to facilitate such a quality campaign through CPS is an unbelievable gift. It adds value to my agency through a broader range of products, plus it’s another opportunity to “touch” my clients and stay in front of them. Any P&C agent that’s not jumping on board with this program is losing out on an opportunity to cross-sell their clients, and generate additional revenue for their agency. 

    David Duncan
  • The CPS team goes above and beyond to provide our advisors with responsive service, resulting in the timely placement of business.

    Steve Soto, Anfield Advisors, LLC
  • CPS provides me with the solutions that fit the unique needs of my clients. The support I receive makes it possible for me to be a successful independent producer.

    Hiroyuki Kunito, Nori Marumoto Insurance Agency
  • I’ve been doing business with CPS for over 35 years; you are truly the finest wholesaling company I’ve ever worked with. The superior support, professionalism and responsiveness to my business is unparalleled in the industry.

    Chuck Hahn
  • CPS always processes my cases quickly, providing me with detailed status reports. Everyone on the team is in tune with my clients’ needs.

    Michael Rader
  • The CPS team is incredibly responsive. They provide great marketing support, innovative sales ideas and strong case management. The support I get from CPS makes it possible for me to be a successful independent producer.

    Annette Fadness
  • Over the past year I was able to close and place more business than ever before and that’s because of the relationships CPS has built with me and with their carriers. With over 20 years in business, I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks.

    Alan Drobka

Strategic Carrier Providers

  • American General
  • Allianz
  • Global Atlantic
  • John Hancock
  • Legal & General
  • Lincoln
  • Minnesota Life
  • Mutual Of Omaha
  • Principal
  • Protective
  • Prudential
  • Symetra